The year 2018 was an exciting one again for AOSpine Asia Pacific (AOSAP). We went from strength to strength during the year in terms of both our membership base and the quality of our educational and research activities. We continued to implement the priorities set forth in our development strategy by delivering innovative education and research in spine care and encouraging lifelong learning among members.

Educational activities remain a top priority of AOSpine Asia Pacific. In 2018, a total of 57 events (95 events days) were conducted. The number of participants and faculties also reached a new high which were 3,356 participants and 623 faculties took part in the program respectively (Regional Course, CEP and FEP included). Almost all are successful course with full house registration and many positive feedbacks received. AOSAP keeps strong bonds with various professional spine societies in the region. In 2018, fruitful collaborations were continued with 11 Asia Pacific academic associations mainly CASSC, CAOS, and COA of China; ASSN of Nepal; MISSCOT of Thailand; APSS-APPOS, ICS AND ASSICON of India; JSSR of Japan; KSSS of Korea etc. In 2018, a Regional Specimen course was held on 17-20 August which involves in more than 70 faculties and participants. A unique innovation of this event was that the program was custom tailored to the participants’ respective request.

AOSpine Asia Pacific remains the highest number member’s region with 2007 active members as of December 2018. Currently, there are 27 spine centers of excellence in the AOSAP that are helping to nurture the next generation of spine surgeons, and 70 spine fellowships were awarded in 2018 out of 155 applications.

Three multi-centers clinical projects 2018 kicked-off in December 2017. Research Education modules were introduced in 3 education events namely Vishakapatnam and Chennai, India and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Online Research Education modules are welcomed by many members.

Without the support of both the AOSpine Asia Pacific executive team and many individual members, the year’s achievement would not have been possible. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone for their timeless efforts, continued valuable contributions and strong commitment to ensuring our projects are successful.

It has been a good 3 years since I took over the chairperson’s role from Dr Paul Thng of Singapore. I will cherish the good memories forever.
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